Today: 23.06.2018

Українська мова
Українська мова:

Project Results

All universities has developed the curricular for the new specialization

Four Teachers from Ukrainian Universities study for two months in KTH. They obtain knowledge and skills as in studying topic as in teaching process.

They spreading there knowledge on lectures, seminars and during the preparations of teaching materials and courses, and will continue doing this after the end of the project.

Young teachers from Ukrainian Universities have Study Visits and Seminars

During this Study Visits and Seminars with the help of specialists from Royal Institute of Technology, University of Agriculture in Krakow and Aalto University were prepared curriculum of the project, the structure of the teaching materials were formed and discussed.

Based on the result of these meetings new teaching materials are published.

Teaching materials are divided into 7 Volumes:

  • Volume 1. Legal Framework
  • Volume 2.  Land Use Economics
  • Volume 3. Cadastral activity and information systems
  • Volume 4. Environmental, planning and building law
  • Volume 5. Sustainable development of urban areas
  • Volume 6. Sustainable development of rural areas
  • Volume 7. Theory and research methodology

New IT academic environment is provided in all Ukrainian Universities this IT academic environment is used not only for master study but for bachelor also

Each University establishes scientific LIBRARY. Prepares a list of literature, needed to be purchased for the libraries


  • Cooperation between Macedonia and Ukraine:

Ukrainian students (on today from Lviv National Agricultural University) have study practice in Macedonia and we can see that cooperation between consortium members is in process and will continue after the end of the project.

  • Teachers will continue training of other teaching staff.
  • The Centre of Land governance will continue to function after the project completion.
  • The Centre website will be transformed into the website of the new MSc programmes.
  • The website is to be included into the respective Universities’ website.
  • Prepared teaching materials as well as library facilities will be used after the end of the project.