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Economic Module


  1. Land economics (is developed by Dr. Kuryltsiv R.)The aim of the course is to provide basic knowledge of the economics. The course helps students to understand role of Land property in national economy, domestic product etc. Also course reveals a role of microeconomics and macroeconomics for Land Governance.
  2. Real Property Market (is developed by Dr. Tyshkovets V., Dr. Popov A.)The aim of the course is to provide basic knowledge of the functioning of the real property market and its structure. The course aims at helping students understand supply and demand analysis, substitution, opportunity cost, etc. Also course reveals a role of the property market in the national economy, the relationships between real property market and other markets and how macroeconomic variables impact the real property market.
  3. Property Valuation (is developed by Prof. Petrakovska O., Suhomlin L., Garazha O.)The course provides theory of valuation as well as knowledge on methods of land and property valuation. The students obtain knowledge and understanding of different concepts of value and other related terms such as price, income, capital and costs. It also focuses on various approaches to land valuation, taxation law with application to different types of land use is also considered.
  4. Mass Valuation with GIS (is developed by Dr. Germonova K., Kovalev K.)Aim of the course is implementation of the current monetary valuation of the land and real estate is impossible without application of the information systems, in particular GIS programming and technical complex, providing the automated collection, processing and analysis of spatial information. Therefore, this course aims at collecting initial data for mass estimation, data storage, data selection, manipulation and analysis and getting results. The students get familiar with remote sensing and GIS tools for sustainable land use. National spatial data infrastructure is to be presented.