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Legal Module


Real Property Law (is developed by Dr. Mytrofanova L., Dr. Popov A., Pilicheva M., Pogoyda V.)The course provides the students with general knowledge of the legal system and the concept for land governance within existing legal framework in Ukraine (Civil Law,Land Law etc). It also provides basic knowledge of the world’s legal systems. In particular, the course gives basic knowledge of the existing real property laws.

Environmental and Planning Law (is developed by Prof. Petrakovska O., Dr. Tyzova L., Dr. Koretsкiy A.)The main approach for working up structure of this course is conditional division into 3 parts:

  • First part gives overview of the main principles of environment protection in the world and Environment legislation in Ukraine.
  • Second part provides the students with general knowledge of the Planning Law and Planning systems in Ukraine.
  • Third part of the discipline deals with interrelation Land Governance process with Environment and Planning Law.

Building Law (is developed by Dr. Tyzova L.)The course provides the fundamentals of Building legislation. In particular, the students should obtain knowledge on building regulations and all aspects of permit system, as well as on implementation of that knowledge in practice. European legislation and experience is to be addressed as well.

Legislation on Natural Resources (is developed by Dr. Kovalyshyn O.)The focus of this course is on the formation of theoretical knowledge about Natural Resources and the legislation in sphere of environment protection. The object of the course is to teach students to be oriented in the field of protection of surrounding environment and land tenure; work with standard-legal base, operate with norms of material and a procedural right at acceptance of administrative decisions.

Surveying and Cadastre Law (is developed by Prof. GavrilenkoY., Dr. Popov A., Andrianova O., Pogoyda V.)The course introduces principles of surveying and cadastral systems in a legislative framework. The legal aspects of cadastral procedures such as subdivision, amalgamation, consolidation, establishment of servitude, regalement are also studied in this course. Also course:

  • Provide deeper theoretical studies in the area of cadastral law,
  • Introduce legal aspects of cadastral procedures and legal normative supports of cadastral surveying,
  • Provide practical skills in independent decision making concerning application and appreciation of regulations and requirements of cadastral surveying.