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The project consortium consists of nine higher educational institutions (i.e. two HEIs from FYR of Macedonia, four HEIs from Ukraine and three HEIs from Finland, Poland and Sweden), three non-academic professional organizations (i.e. one organization from FYR of Macedonia and two organizations from Ukraine), and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The consortium is also strengthened by an international expert.



Grant holder KTH, Kungliga Tekniska H?gskolan, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) is the oldest technical university in Sweden with approximately 19000 students and more than 3000 employees. KTH’s educational profile includes not only technical but also humanitarian specialties (e.g. economy, planning, law etc). Since 1996 the department of Real estate planning and land law is responsible for the International Master program in Land management where up to now approx. 500 students, among others from the former Soviet Union and the former Yugoslavia were trained. The Department’s teaching staff participates in a wide range of comparative research on land tenure systems, expropriation, urban/rural land consolidation etc. The department has assisted other partner universities in revision of their current land management curricula, namely in Russia (40-50 universities), Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Slovenia. Besides, the Department runs several on-going Tempus projects on curriculum development in land and property management.

Coordinator: Hans Mattsson, Professor, Real Estate Planning and Land Law Department

Contacts: phone: 4687908617, email:

Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) was founded in 1849 and received university status in 1908. There are four faculties and 25 departments, including Surveying as well as nine separate institutes. TKK is the leading technical university in Finland with 19 degree programs (including one in Real estate economics), 250 professors and 15000 under- and postgraduate students. In 2005 TKK revised all degree programs in accordance with the Bologna process. The department of Surveying is in charge of the degree program “Real estate economics”. This degree program has two educational options: – Land management and law and – Real estate management. The department of Surveying is specialized in education and research on, among others, real estate planning, property development, real estate economics, property valuation etc. Within the degree program there are about 250 students on the Master’s level (annual intake about 50) and about 60 postgraduate students. Education on Real estate valuation is given almost only at the department of Surveying. Since Autumn 2006 an English Master’s program in Real estate investment and finance is run together with the Hanken Business School.

Responsible person: Kauko Viitanen, Head of the Surveying Department, Professor in Real Estate Economics and Valuation

Contacts: phone: 358 94513870, email:

University of Agriculture in Krakow, Poland

University of Agriculture in Krakow (UAK) was founded in 1890. Currently over 13000 students are trained at 7 Faculties and on 23 specializations. A two-degree system of studies has been introduced at the University since 2006. The faculty of Environmental engineering and land surveying offers courses in Environmental engineering as well as in Land surveying and cartography. UAK actively participates in various international projects such as Interreg, TEMPUS, COST, etc.

Responsible person: Jozef Hernik, Assistant professor, Department of Planning, Organization and Conservation of the Agrarian Areas

Contacts: phone: 481 2 6624154 , email:


Sts. Cyril and Methodius University, Republic of Macedonia

Sts Cyril and Methodius University (SCMU) was established in 1949. It is the oldest and the largest public university in Macedonia. Currently the university has about 36000 students and 2300 teaching staff. The university consists of 21 faculties including the faculty for Civil engineering. The faculty consists of three departments: Civil engineering, geology and surveying. The department of Surveying is the only department in Macedonia training the professionals in surveying and geodesy. The faculty has 61 teachers and about 1000 active students. The changes, according to the Bologna process, were made at SCMU four years ago, and now the department of Surveying runs a three year Bachelor and a two year Master programs in surveying.

Responsible person: Vanco Gjorgjiev, Professor, Department of Surveying

Contacts: phone: 389 23116066, email:

Goce Dolcev University, Republic of Macedonia

Goce Delcev University (GDU) was founded in 2007 and includes 13 Faculties with 400 staff and more than 5500 students on nine campuses. The Law faculty applies a European education model. Since 2008 DGU and SCMU started joint teaching of legal courses for SCMU students.

Responsible person: Blazo Boev, Vice-Rector

Contacts: phone: 389 32550010, email:


Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture

Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA) was founded in 1930. The university has at present approx 11000 students, 90 professors and 400 PhD teachers working at six faculties. KNUCA is the leading university in Ukraine in urban planning as well as in surveying and cadastre. The faculty of Geoinformation systems and Land management includes four departments and the specialized Academic Council awarding Doctor Habitat and PhD degrees in this field. The department of Surveying and cadastre was founded in 1995. At present the teaching staff of the department is rather young with significant professional competence in land management (several teachers completed Master program in Land management program at KTH) and extended English skills.

Responsible person: Olga Petrakovska, Head of Land Management and Cadastre Department

Contacts: phone: 380 442415569, email:

Donetsk National Technical University

Donetsk National Technical University (DNTU) was founded in 1921 and is the largest higher education institution in Donbass region. The university has approx. 20000 students at 14 faculties and on 55 specialties. The university has about 30 international agreements with universities in Europe (incl KTH), North America, and Asia. The Faculty of Mining and geology consists of six departments including that of Geoinformatics and geodesy. The department trains students, among others, in Land management and cadastre. A number of young teachers of the department studied in the Master program in Land management at KTH (1996-2006) taught in English.

Responsible person: Sergey Mogilny, Head of department, Professor in Geodesy

Contacts: phone: 380 623010781, email:

Kharkiv National Agrarian University

Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V.V. Dokuchaev (KNAU) was founded in 1816. KNAU is one of the oldest agrarian university in Ukraine. Nowadays it has about 7000 students and 400 teachers on seven faculties with 35 departments. KNAU runs all educational program in accordance with Bologna process. The faculties of Cadastral surveying consists of six departments including Surveying planning.

Responsible person: Aleksandr Lozovу, Head of department, Professor in Land Management

Contacts: phone: 380 572997890, email:

Lviv National Agricultural University

Lviv National Agricultural University (LNAU) was established in 1856. Currently LNAU has about 10000 students and more than 1000 employees. LNAU consists of six faculties including the faculty of Land surveying. The faculty consists of four departments: Land cadastre, Geodesy and geoinformatics, Land survey projecting and Management of land resources. The faculty has long-term cooperation with, among others, University of Agriculture in Krakow.

Responsible person: Mykhailo Stupen, Dean of Faculty, Professor in Region Economy

Contacts: phone: 380 322242902, email:



Real Estate Cadastre Agency of Republic of Macedonia

The Real Estate Cadastre Agency of the Republic of Macedonia (RECA) was established in 1947. It is responsible for cadastre, property and property rights registration, surveying, etc. RECA has about 830 employees in 29 regional cadastral offices. The authority plays a crucial role in development of nationwide land management system.

Responsible person: Stojce Galazovski

Contacts: phone: 389 23170100, email:


Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MESU) is a governmental body responsible for implementation of state policy in education, science and professional training based on the principles of integration of the Ukrainian educational system into a European one. In particular, MESU develops the national standards in education and controls it. Moreover, the Ministry implements accreditation and licensing of institutions of higher education all over Ukraine.

Responsible person: Olga Kotova, Head of Department of International Agreement, PhD in Public Administration

Contacts: phone: 380 444862876, email:

Central Department of Land Resource of Executive Committee of Kiev Council

Central Department of Land Resources of Kyiv City Council (CDLR)) is a municipal authority implementing national policy in Land Governance on local level. CDLR is particularly responsible for a range of issues on cadastre, land surveying, valuation and transfer of municipal land etc. CDLR has a long-term fruitful cooperation with the faculty of Geoinformation systems and Land management of KNUCA through sharing its expertise, involvement in the teaching process, supervising the Master theses. Moreover, many Faculty’s graduates currently work at CDLR.

Responsible person: Andrey Tarnopolskyi, Deputy Head

Contacts: phone: 380 4427839496, email:

Lviv Scientific, Research and Project Institute of Land Management

Lviv Research Institute of Land Management (LRILM) is a part of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences. LRILM performs research on land use, land management design etc. LRILM has cooperation with the faculty of Land surveying of LNAU.

Responsible person: Bogdan Kulchytskyy, Director of Institute

Contacts: phone: 380 3222723926, email:

Individual expert

Bela Markus, Professor, Director of the Institute of Land Development, University of West Hungary

Prof. Bela Markus is a land surveyor, he is chairing the Professional Education Commission of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) Prof. Bela Markus will act as an external expert for quality control and monitoring.

Contacts: phone: 3622 516552, email: