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Українська мова:

Andriy Popov

Andriy Popov

Present Employer:

Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V.V. Dokuchaev


Associate of professor, Land Management and Cadastre Chair

Information for contact:

Bulding 5, cabinet. 304-а, KNAU named after V.V. Dokuchaev, Land Management and Cadastre Departmentб p/o «Communist-1», Kharkivs’kiy rajon, Kharkivs’ska oblast’, 62483


Department: +38 (0572) 997920

Mobile: (+38)0977813391

E-mail :


Higher education, Department Surveying and Cadastre, Kharkiv state agrarian university named after V.V. Dokuchaev, (diploma of specialist, 2002).

A master’s degree from a Land Management, 2006, Royal Institute of Technology, (Kungliga Tekniska H?gskolan), Stockholm, Sweden

Scientific degree and academic status

Candidate of Economic Science

Area of scientific research:

Land Cadastre, Land management, Land Valuation, Formation Land Tenure of Agricultural Farm (Enterprises), Land Market


  1. Formation of Ukrainian land tenure system under market conditions. – KTH, Stockholm. – 2006. – Р. 74.
  2. Analysis of influence of constancy of land-tenure of agricultural enterprises on results of their economic activity. – Announcer of KNTUA, Kharkiv. – 2007. № 56.
  3. Formation of Land Management Model. Announcer of LNAU (Surveying and Land Cadastre). – 2009. № 12.
  4. Pre-conditions of creation of a 3D cadastre in Ukraine. Agrarian Announcer of Black Sea Region. (Agricultural, Engineerings, Economic sciences). – 2009. № 51.
  5. Basic aspects of development of the cadastre systems. Announcer of Lviv national agrarian university, Series “Economy of AIC”, № 17 (1), in 2010
  6. Economic efficiency of the use of agrarian resource potential by agricultural enterprises. – Allukrainian scientific and productive magazine “The Innovative economy”. – 2010. № 18.